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African infrastructure is both a defining challenge and a standout Investment opportunity of our generation

At the Africa Finance Corporation’s inaugural Summit ( held today in Lagos, Jim O’Neill, creator of the BRICs and MINT acronyms, economist and former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, said:“Africa’s future depends on the continent’s policy makers doing the right thing. That is working to create better governance, reducing crime, fighting corruption and delivering improved infrastructure. Infrastructure development is both a defining challenge and a standout investment opportunity for Africa and investors around the world. For example, Nigeria is growing at 7% despite poor access to power; decent power could boost economic growth to 10%-12%. There is no reason why Nigeria should not become one of the G20.”

In the months after the ouster of President Mohammad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Saudi Arabia stepped in to support the new(ish) military regime with billions of dollars in aid, which the new Egyptian government has happily received. As the Egyptian government has aggressively gone after members of the Muslim Brotherhood, it has placed substantial blame on Qatar for supporting the group, shutting down the Cairo Al Jazeera offices and placing its journalists on trial for meeting with Brotherhood officials. Whether claims that the Muslim Brotherhood, and by proxy Qatar, are in cahoots with violent jihadist groups who have carried out attacks predominantly in the Sinai are true or not is almost moot; the current Egyptian government will continue to use that as an excuse for crackdowns against Muslim Brotherhood and any opposition groups or individuals it sees fit.
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AFRICANGLOBE – Libya, where hundreds of militias hold sway and the central government is virtually powerless, is awash in millions of weapons with no control over their trafficking. The arms free-for-all fuels not only Libya’s instability but also stokes conflicts around the region as guns are smuggled through the country’s wide-open borders to militants fighting in insurgencies and wars stretching from Syria to West Africa.


AFRICANGLOBE – Ethiopia will begin generating electricity within 18 months from what will be Africa’s largest power plant, the government said. The sale of 7.1 billion birr ($367 million) of bonds over the past three years to domestic investors, has contributed to the 27 billion birr spent so far on the 75.5 billion birr Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Get to know a future giant


AFRICANGLOBE – The Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital Kinshasa is notorious for bad traffic. So police are getting a helping hand to keep the cars moving. Two giant traffic robots have appeared in the capital, a city where drivers normally spend hours in traffic and which has become notorious for traffic gridlock.

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